A/Prof Thomas Eade

Dr Tom Eade

A/Prof Thomas Eade has been leading radiation therapy treatments at Northern Sydney Cancer Care Centre since 2007. Prior to this, A/Prof Eade completed his fellowship at the USA leader in prostate cancer treatment, Fox Chase Cancer Centre in Philadelphia U.S.A. Here he gained expertise in advanced prostate cancer treatment techniques. With these innovative and advanced skills Dr Eade brings an honest and strongly evidenced based approach to his patient’s prostate cancer treatment. This allows his patients the best chance for higher cure rates whilst minimising the risk of unwanted treatment related side effects.


Dr Tom Eade Examines a patient

Priding himself in being on the cutting edge of prostate cancer radiation therapy treatment, A/Prof Eade developed a strong prostate cancer brachytherapy (advanced radiation delivery technique) program in 2008 at Northern Sydney Cancer Centre. This program continues at Northern Sydney Cancer Centre, and A/Prof Eade remains one of the few Radiation Oncologists to offer this highly specialised ‘real time permanent seed brachytherapy’ treatment. This program is also offered to Gosford and Central Coast patients who are able to commute to Northern Sydney Cancer Centre.


As Director of Research at Northern Sydney Cancer Centre, A/Prof Eade develops ground-breaking, advanced prostate cancer treatment techniques as a speciality. His current studies include being principle investigator in the ‘Heat’ trial, to deliver advanced stereotactic radiation therapy to prostate cancer. This treatment reduces an intensive 8 week/40treatment radiation therapy regime to just 5 very accurate and equivalent high dose treatments. Studies such as this allow A/Prof Eade to deliver his commitment of providing the most up-to-date and evidence based radiation therapy treatment to all of his prostate cancer patients.